‘Holding Back’ heads to South Asian Film Festival in Washington

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Holding Back

Sheila Sandhu produced and Wilson Louis directed short film on cancer, titled ‘Holding Back’ starring Seema Biswas, Anant Mahadevan and TV actor Kunal Kumar continues to rake in huge awards.

After winning in California and Goa, it has now been nominated for the prestigious South Asian Film Festival in Washington DC. The event will be opened by Deepa Mehta and Seema Biswas will also attend the screening on the 10th September.

‘Holding Back’ traces the last train journey of cancer afflicted son (Kunal) and the emotions of his mother(Seema Biswas) when he dies enroute.

Biswas had done this film as a tribute to her friend who had also fallen victim to the dreaded Big C. Sandhu says, ���We extremely happy that a simple heart wrenching film made from our hearts Wilson and I are overwhelmed for the appreciation that has been given to us.�۝