Hina Khan reveals ‘Bigg Boss 11’ made her relationship with Rocky Jaiswal public

Ketna Mistry



Hina Khan who took second place in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11’, definitely divided the viewers with her strong views. However much tension there was between herself and Shilpa Shinde, Khan believes she was able to show a different side to her.

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Khan shares in detail of how she feels after partaking in ‘Bigg Boss 11’, has it changed her image? “No. On the contrary, I feel that people relate to me even more now. My fan base has changed and it comprises more educated people. The feedback that I am getting has left me surprised. I jokingly ask Ro (boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal), ‘Isne aise bola hai, isne poora show dekha hai na?’ I keep telling him that I am now better prepared to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss’, as I know what I have to do inside the house. However, he tells me that I will do the same thing again because that’s how I am. He has asked me to just concentrate on acting (laughs).” She further added, “While trying to be real on reality TV, I forgot that I had to play a game. Mujhe politically correct hona nahi aata hai. People shouldn’t expect me to behave like the character (Akshara) that I played, it doesn’t work like that in real life. Akshara will be remembered for what she was, par kabhi toh real Hina saamne aayegi na. You can like or dislike me. You are entitled to form an opinion about me and I don’t fear being judged. After coming out of the house, I watched a few episodes of my altercation with Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi, and wondered how I could react like that. But that’s how the house is. Some contestants have reacted in a worse manner. I am blessed that I quickly forget things. I have no memory of ‘Bigg Boss’.”

With regards to the clash between herself and Shinde, Khan was asked if she would mend the bridges? “If I have to work with Shilpa, I will be okay. I am very professional, I can work with my enemies, too. My habit of forgetting everything is a good quality. Also, none of the contestants is my enemies. Shilpa and I are different people and so is our approach towards life. I won’t be judgmental by saying whose is good or bad. If I bump into her, I am definitely going to say hello to her, hug her and ask how she is doing.”

There have been rumours that Khan and Rajan Shahi, producer of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai’ had fallen out. To this Khan assures there are no ill feelings, “If I bag the biggest award, he will be the first one I will go up to, not my father. I will never forget him as he is the one who brought me into this industry and believed in me.”

Up until now, Khan has kept her relationship with Jaiswal out of the public eye, but since ‘Bigg Boss 11’, Khan agrees that had she not gone onto the show, then it would have remained out of the limelight. “Yes. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It wasn’t planned; I have always been very guarded about my personal life.” Though the couple are in a serious relationship, marriage isn’t on the cards just yet. Khan wants to wait a few more years as well as concentrating on her career for the time being. “I will get married after a couple of years,” said Khan, further adding, “I would like to take up a fiction show or a film now. My work will be my priority. However, I want to be on a break for a few months before I return with a bang.”