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Hina Khan on music video Patthar Wargi: “Never wish to face heartbreak ever”

In an interview about her new music video Patthar Wargi, TV star, Hina Khan talks about the reasons why she chose this particular track to what it was like working with musicial duo B Praak and Jaani.

Here are some excerpts from her interview cited on Asked what made her say yes to collaborating with B Praak and Jaani, Khan said, “When I first heard the song I got hooked to it. Its melody was so heart-pleasing and relatable. There are some songs that you just cannot miss to be a part of and for me Patthar Wargi is that one.”

Khan went on to add what it was like working with the duo, “It was amazing. This duo is supremely talented and one could assure that the composition they put forth will be a hit. So yes it was a cherry on the cake.”

Discussing the song Patthar Wargi which is about heartbreak, Khan reveals how she would deal with it in real life, “Heartbreaks are never easy. It takes a big part of you. Coping up with it is even tougher. I never wish to face heartbreak ever and I pray nobody should go through the same.”

Asked how Patthar Wargi is different to her other music videos, Khan explains this music video takes a person on a journey, “In this, you’ll not only get to see romance but there are a lot of emotions involved. From falling in love to the journey it takes you on to separation. It’s all portrayed beautifully in there.”