‘Highway’ banned from Doordarshan TV premiere?


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‘Highway’ (2014) was a film that gave Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda new identities. The film had done well at the box office, and given director Imtiaz Ali another success to be proud of, but looks like the national channel ‘Doordarshan,’ will not air the popular film.

According to the Mumbai Mirror, CBFC does not want the film to air on Doordarshan because the subject will not be “appropriate” enough for the channel. ‘Highway’ had released with an ‘U/A’ certificate and films with an ‘U’ certificate can only play on the channel. The producer went to the board with an version of the film more suitable for the channel, but it was not approved. “Producer Sajid Nadiadwala submitted a version which didn’t have any expletives as that would have irked the Board and invited cuts. It was a clean print and the makers were sure that they’d get a U certificate. It was just a matter of fulfilling the procedure, but three members stated that the film can not be shown on DD.”

The board is in two minds. While most of the members are in support of the film’s premiere, there are still others who are opposing it. They feel that the film centers around the subject of child abuse and can not be shown to children under twelve. Only the chairperson can grant permission for the film to air. Nandini Sardesai, a senior board member of the CBFC said, “I am aghast and shocked. And I’m fighting for it. The film makes a very vital point and children should watch the film to become more conscious about their surroundings, about things like good touch and bad touch. Yet because of those three people who felt that the them of child molestation is inappropriate for young viewers, the film stands the risk of never being shown on Doordarshan. We’ve hit a new low.”

Hopefully, the matter is sorted out, and the strong subject can be shown on the channel.

By: Priyanka Borua

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