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2016’s ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’ was a huge hit for Harshvardhan Rane, and it marked his debut in Hindi cinema. The actor was then seen in last year’s ‘Paltan’ and he’s been shooting in the UK for his next movie ‘Taish’. caught up with the actor while he was in London for the shoot.

You’ve been in London shooting for ‘Taish’ for a while. How’s the experience been?
It’s been my best shooting experience til date. I think the UK has helped me zone in and execute and deliver to my optimum. The weather has been very supportive and the people have been very warm. The crew has been functioning at its best. We’ve been shooting non-stop and now we’ve finished the first schedule. I think this was the best possible place to be to shoot this film. I can’t think of any other place having shot here. I’m really happy we shot for ‘Taish’ in the UK.

What’s your personal connection with London?
I love spending time in the UK, especially for work. Only if my work is successfully executed do I feel like going around. I love this city; I feel it’s very lucky for me.

What have you been doing in your spare time in between shoots?
Well, I don’t like like sitting in my hotel. I like to learn something so I’ve been training myself in pistol shooting. I’ve been to trampoline parks and been jumping (laughs). I’ve been clicking a lot of pictures. Whenever I get time, I try to go to the gym and work out. I’ve been cycling around a lot. Just not I’m heading somewhere on a motorcycle… and that’s a secret (laughs). Not a secret for too long but I’ll tell you soon. Apart from this, I’ve been going to the Science Museums. I’ve been doing a lot of activities.

‘Taish’ is your third Hindi movie but you’re more embedded in Telugu cinema. How do you look back at your journey?
When I look back I feel that… Well, it’s like a quote from Woody Allen that one should always show up. So I think showing up has always helped me out. Whenever I’ve shown up, luck has been on my side. I believe that sitting at home would not solve any purpose. One should just get up and go, and show up.

What are you most grateful for in your years as a big screen actor?
I’m very extremely grateful for my first Hindi film and my first Telugu film. The first films are always special. I’m grateful for the directors who chose me and the producers who showed faith in me. It’s because of them that I’m standing here and I’m doing more work. I’m very happy to be chosen and I look forward to making them proud.

Would you consider transition to online platforms?
I’ve never thought about it. I don’t really know. If I do do that, I’ll let everyone know. But as of now, no.

What web shows have you been hooked to?
Well, I’ve loved ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Narcos’ and this strange show on Netflix called ‘Archer’. It’s a show for dyfunctional people. I was a little late to it and I really enjoy it.

Is there anything coming up apart from ‘Taish’ which you can share?
Yes, a few thing are coming and I’m really excited about one of them and the other one too. But I’m not allowed to talk about them (laughs). But there are two lovely things coming up. thanks Harshvardhan Rane for speaking with us.