Why Gurmeet & Debina hid their marriage since 2006

Shyama Sudra



When Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee publicly tied the knot in 2011, little did everyone know that the couple had already been married for five years. However, they had kept their commitment a secret from the world and even their own family.

“A lot of people think that I and Debina met while filming for ‘Ramayan’ (2008), and then we got married in 2011. Very few know that when we were nothing, we weren’t actors, we were only looking for work – we were just 19 and 20 years old, we eloped and got married, in 2006. We did not tell our parents. Our friends helped us to get married at a temple in Goregaon,” Bollywood Life reported Choudhary expressing.

Having released images of their original wedding, he went on to add, “You can see in the pictures that we both are very young. My best friend asked to make a serious face for the camera, or else I would look too young.” Well, he does look a little too young. But also a little angry? “Because I made a face too serious, I am looking like I am angry.”

Talking about not telling their families, the TV actor expressed, “We told our families only a year and a half ago, when we made a name for ourselves, people started recognizing us, and we had money, car and a house – then we got married again in 2011. But in that marriage we did not perform all the rituals. I did not come riding a horse or anything. On the same day, as that in 2006, we opted for a court marriage in 2011. I believe they must have felt that we should have told them back in 2006 only so that they could also have been a part of our marriage rituals.”

Choudhary is about to be seen on the big screen again in Manish Harishankar’s ‘Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana’, which also stars Akshara Haasan and Vivaan Shah.