Gurdas Maan apologises over ‘one language’ row


Punjabi legend, Gurdas Maan has been forced to apologise after a row engulfed over a recent Canada radio interview, in which he advocated the concept of one nation, one language in India.

The comments have led to protests, which Maan reportedly “riduculed”. He said, “vehlian da kamm” (idle people indulging in such things). Though he underlined the importance of mother tongue Punjabi, he advocated the concept of one nation, one language, saying: “I say it should be Hindustani (language), which has words from Punjabi and Urdu… It is essential that one nation should have one language… France has its own language, so has Germany, and if our country has one (language), then what is wrong with that. If we lay so much emphasis on mother (tongue), then we should also love maasi (Hindi)”.

Maan has retracted the statement by apologising at a concert recently. The humble veteran, who stays away from controversy, apologised to avoid any further hysteria.