‘Gulab Gang’ leader lashes out at Madhuri Dixit

'Gulab Gang' leader unhappy with Madhuri Dixit
'Gulab Gang' leader unhappy with Madhuri Dixit

It’s always very risky doing a film based on true events, and one person who isn’t happy seeing her life displayed on screen in the wrong way, is domestic abuse activist Sampat Pal, the real leader of a women vigilantes group called ‘Gulab Gang’.

The activist has lashed out at the makers of the upcoming film of the same name. Focusing on lead actress Madhuri Dxit-Nene, Hindustan Times��report Pal stating, “Madhuri is doing it wrong. She should have taken permission from me before she decided to do the film.”

To think that the film being based on true life, the actress and the film makers would take this to account, and do their research before starting their project, which is what Pal seemed to have been expecting. Protesting further, the activist goes onto state, “Madhuri can�۪t do justice to the role. None of them (from the film�۪s team) have ever called me. Madhuri should have come to my home, stayed with me and met my cadres. She doesn�۪t know how I work. They can�۪t cash in on our struggles. If my name comes in the film, I will not let them get away easily.”

This doesn’t look like the end of the situation. Pal has just entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ series hosted by Salman Khan, giving her all the more opportunity to express her views on the matter more openly, and on a wider platform. Let’s just hope the film makers are quick to mend their ways in order for things not to get too out of hand.

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