‘Go Goa Gone’ to include anti-tobacco video

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Go Goa Gone' to include anti-tobacco video
'Go Goa Gone' to include anti-tobacco video

Having been faced with a legal complaint for the image of Saif Ali Khan smoking on it’s poster, the ‘Go Goa Gone’ filmmakers have decided to include a video of Khan raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco.

Talking about the video, NDTV report Khan stating, “I think smoking is a form of drug abuse. I do not believe in censorship, as in blanket banning. An appropriate age certificate must be set and then enforced. That is what the censor board is for.��However, I understand with this freedom comes a social responsibility and I would like to warn the youth that smoking is a very dangerous habit.”

The poster sees Khan, who plays a member of the zombie killing mafia, holding a gun and balancing a cigar between his teeth. After suffering a health scare in 2007, Khan himself quit smoking for good. He says, “It may seem cool now but there is nothing cool about lung or heart disease. I quit smoking after almost suffering a heart attack five years ago. Purely bought on by my smoking… clearly it is not worth it!”