Mind reader Girish Tailor, of North London has announced (with the help of his giant teddy) ‘Living Room Mind Reading’ – a brand new live virtual show to anybody in the world, to help during lockdown.

Girish says, “Lockdown has shown solidarity across the world from people and businesses. Coronavirus affects us all – regardless of success or wealth. It has challenged us to reconsider what we really value. Ultimately that means time and the moments we have indoors to reset, learn new skills and spend time with the people we love.

“I couldn’t sit at home and do nothing. Magic has given me so much. It’s changed my life and I’m humbled every time I change a life by using my platform to make people smile or work with a client to deliver their dream event. I decided to film an announcement trailer which was fun – it was my first time trying to create a full trailer and of course I had to include my giant teddy in the promotional photo! The meaning behind my teddy fits the current times perfectly – giving back to others. We all need some sunshine in our lives right now and I wanted the trailer to make people laugh, whilst also conveying a serious message of hope.

“We need to look after the elderly – they’ve worked hard all of their lives to enjoy retirement, only to now face the prospect of being home for a while. They fought physically in wars and in spirit with their determination to give youngsters like me the chance to live out our dreams and now we have to look after them. Keeping people indoors is understandable for safety, but what we don’t want is those people feeling isolated – as that can lead to loneliness, anxiety and mental health issues. Social butterflies are also bored at home.

“So if people can’t go to the theatre, I wanted to bring the theatre to them! It’s a unique opportunity for people to see the shows that they’d typically only see if they were at one of my live public shows or private bookings.

“Online shows create a special ambience as I can perform to friends and families separated by distance, all at the same time. And right now, we all need each other.

“The shows are free and any fees paid to me will be donated to a charity to help regarding Covid 19.

“I grew up watching superheroes on television and in the cinema. But the real life super heroes are the NHS Workers, putting their own lives on the line to save lives. They do the real magic – they literally save lives. So I wanted to do something as my way of saying “thank you” to them – deciding to run a competition so that an NHS Worker wins a FREE show from me when we are back to normal.

“I hope we come out of this with greater humility and humanity. A greater respect for not only ourselves and each other, but for the world around us as well. Nobody should feel alone as we navigate through this so I am here to talk if anybody feels like reaching out”.

Girish Tailor is available on Facebook and Instagram on @MagicGirio

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