Girish Kumar: “Wanted to work in a film outside my dad’s production”


Girish Kumar is all set to grace the screens again in ‘Loveshhuda’. The actor, who is the son of producer Kumar Taurani, has taken a gap of around 2-3 years since his debut film. In ‘Loveshhuda’, his character goes to bed in an intoxicated state with a woman and doesn’t remember her when he wakes up. The story then goes on to show how the two eventually develop feelings for each other. Coming back in a film not related to his father’s production house is something he’s always wanted to do and BizAsia had the unique opportunity to catch up with him.

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You�۪re coming in ��Loveshhuda�۪ after a three-year break since your debut film. Why has it been such a long gap?

There are actually two reasons. The first is that I wanted to work in a film outside my father�۪s production. Like my first movie was done by Tips, and this one is being produced by Vijay Galani. There was a very important decision that I wanted to make to not be a part of my father�۪s production, so that I could create an individuality of my own. On top of that, the idea was to get something that I felt was a good script. So the combination of these two took a really long time. I mean I did have a few offers by outside productions. I had rejected around 4 or 5 scripts which had come to me, as they didn�۪t really appeal to me. So this is why it took so much time.

From the promos, ��Loveshhuda�۪ looks really youthful. What would you say is the film�۪s main appeal?

Yea, it�۪s true that the film is very young and it�۪s very 2016 which is one the key elements. However it�۪s a very different film as there is not villain, there�۪s no third guy or main antagonist who would stand between two lovers and create a problem. The antagonist is the circumstances which most people face in their daily life. So keeping that in mind it�۪s in a very real space. Also one of the key highlights that people will get to see is that in the movie, we show that sometimes we are our own enemies, and we keep ourselves from being unhappy. If we have a clear mind that we want to be happy and take decisions accordingly, we would have a better life. However, there are circumstances which lead us to take some decisions that may not make us happy. These are a couple of things that the film will dabble on to.

What appealed to you about the character of Gaurav, and are you similar to him in any way?

I don�۪t think I am similar to him. I mean there are some shades we share here and there. Gaurav is such a today�۪s boy, and so real in that space. The audiences will be able to say that ��I know a Gaurav. Gaurav is like my best friend, or my cousins or my neighbour�۪. So he�۪s a very relatable character and that�۪s something that I really loved about his and the fact that he�۪s not a typical larger than life Bollywood hero. He�۪s a very normal boy and the things that he goes through are the things most of us go through, and the way he deals with it and goes about his life, are the things that really drew me into doing this film and to portray this character.

The film is directed by Vaibhav Misra and he is be making his debut as a director. What was your experience working��with him?

I think Vaibhav and I have had this very good tuning, as we�۪ve always been on the same frequency, with the same mind set of the films we want to make and the way we want to make them. So I�۪ve had a great experience working with him and Vaibhav�۪s very nice to work with. He�۪s very receptive, ��He does tend to listen and take input from his actors and key technicians as well. So when we discuss anything, something really organic comes through, and we really make it work on screen and I think that�۪s one of the really rare qualities a director has. To accept what people are saying and use the best of everything.

If you could choose one memory from the shoot of the film, what would you say is your best one?

The best memory is actually the first day. As mentioned before I hadn�۪t done a movie in the last couple of years, and so for me the first day of shooting was what I was really looking forward to. On that day I was very nervous and very excited at the same time. However, because I had done the workshops and the readings, it went very smoothly but it�۪s one of those memories that I didn�۪t expect to go that way. Because I had lost practice, however Vaibhav comforted me. When I was doing what he wanted me to do it all felt very surreal.

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We always hear about the pressures of being a star son. What would you say you have felt, being a producer�۪s son, coming into the industry as an actor?

You know, the only advantage that you get from being a producer�۪s son is that fact that you get an opportunity. After that it�۪s the same playing field as an actor�۪s son, a producer�۪s son, if a person has a godfather on the industry or whatever you want to call it. I think ultimately the audience really love you for your work and creating a film that you do rather than because of another subject another actor has been seen in. It�۪s relative the same struggle, it�۪s not easy for anyone – it�۪s just an opportunity which is the easy part. ��In fact at times, being a producer�۪s son is worse because not only do you do the work on set, but you also bring the work back home. So not only do you have to worry about the creative aspect of your line of work, you have to worry about the financial side as well. At times when as an actor you feel you�۪ve done you�۪re work, you�۪ve given your time and that�۪s it, you do it and you go back home where you don�۪t have to really think about it. However, when being a producer�۪s son comes into play I have to think ‘OK now that I�۪ve done this movie I ��have to look up the financial parts as well, to see if the investors come back’. So there�۪s a lot at stake. The whole house can get involved and that�۪s not a really good feeling, even from the better or the worst

You�۪ve been on a bit of a personal fitness journey. As an actor of the new generation, do you think there�۪s a particular pressure attached to looking good?

I think the entertainment industry in general tends to be a little more glamorous than in real life. In cinema, there�۪s a certain responsibility as an actor to portray a good healthy body image. So it�۪s very important to keep a healthy look or be fit. For instance, I�۪m shooting when I sometimes commuting from one location to another, working around 12 hours a day, so It can get very hectic. So to keep fit is very important, because you have to be able to work that much as well. So it�۪s not just about the physical fitness it�۪s about the mental as well, and the general ability to work that many hours and still managing to perform your best every day.

As you will be returning to the big screen after a long time, is there any other project happening in the future that you can talk about?

There�۪s nothing confirmed as yet, but Vaibhav and I are definitely working on something. I don�۪t know how long it will take but we are still discussing a few things. I also have a few plans with my home production as well so let�۪s see how it all works out. It�۪s very exciting and I will say that whatever I do I will let people take the time and let people watch this movie. So they won�۪t be disappointed.

On a personal level, what makes you feel ��Loveshhuda�۪?

Well that depends, Loveshhuda about who or what? I think there is some much love all around the world. Love is one emotion that everyone connects to and everyone does go through it once in their lifetime at least. So I think it�۪s a mix of things, but I think you should be able to talk to the person you�۪re interested in or you want to have a chemistry with. So I think that�۪s what makes me ��Loveshhuda�۪.

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