Ginni Chatrath on Kapil Sharma: “I always knew he was the one…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


In a rare media interview, Ginni Chatrath has spoken about hew husband to be, the comedian and actor Kapil Sharma. She’s spoken about their love story and what she likes about him most.

Talking to DNA, Chatrath said, “I always knew he was the one; In fact, I was the one who fell in love with him. I would take home-made food (with some help from my mom) for him during college days.”

On Sharma going through a difficult time over recent years, Chatrath commented, “Obviously, when you love somebody, you always want them to be happy. Every person has ups and downs in their life and Kapil is no different. During his bad times, his family and I were right beside him being his support. I was patient and always prayed that this too shall pass. Kapil has a strong will power; I always knew he will get over this, phase, too. He is strong, talented and hardworking and there is no way he would not be able to bounce back.”

When asked about honeymoon plans, the actress said, “Kapil will resume shooting for the show immediately after the wedding and I’m okay with it, as this is the time for him to work hard and post that, we can have as many honeymoons as we want.”

Chatrath and Sharma will be marrying on 12th December.