Geo UK announces five new shows in October

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Geo UK to launch new shows in October
Geo UK to launch new shows in October

Geo UK has announced the launch of five new shows starting in October.

‘Jeena Sikhado Humein’, starts on Monday 1st October and will air Monday through to Thursday at 20:30. The soap has six main characters on which the entire soap is based i.e. maid servants (masi). Most of the Masis are characterized in a negative way for e.g. one is a thief, one will start to like her own employer and so on. The character have been made keeping all sorts of different possible characters of maid servants in mind both positive and negative. This will highlight different shades and characters of maid servants which people (mostly women) experience in their daily life.

‘Thori Se Wafa Chahiyeh’ will air on Friday 12th October at 16:00, which is all about the sacred institution of marriage, and how it is vital to a prosperous and thriving society. Believable characters and relationships make this a serial which isn�۪t just emotional and moving, but also comments on the universal need to ��belong�۪ and be loved by your family.

Another new show starting on the same day will be ‘Hit The Series’ and will air Friday and Saturday evenings at 19:00. Hifazat Intelligence Team (H.I.T) is basically an agency working under the guidance of Pakistan Military. Their job is to minimize the incidence of lawlessness and terrorism in Pakistan. Watch how HIT solves various cases and catches the most dangerous of criminals.

‘Hum Tum’ – another new drama commences on Monday 15th October and will occupy the weekday 17:00 slot. The story of ‘Hum Tum’ revolves around two middle aged friends alienated by time and relations, who found solace in each other. Watch how the shackles of society, friends and even their own families bind them from happiness.

‘Dil Dekay Jain Ge’ will also launch on the same day and will take the weekday 16:30 slot. It highlights real life characters, from our surroundings and from our society.