Pakistani broadcaster Geo UK will be telecasting the upcoming Twenty-20 ABN-AMRO series starting Thursday 21st December.

The teams include Faislabad Wolves, Hyderabad Hawks, Karachi Zebras and Lahore Lions, amongst many others.

The schedule has been outlined as follows:

21st December Interloop FSD Wolves Vs KHI

21st December PSH Panthers Vs MLT Tiger

22nd December Interloop FSD Wolves Vs LHR

22nd December SLK Stallions Vs KHI Zebras

23rd December ISB Leopards Vs PSH

23rd December LHR Lions Vs RWP Rams

24th December Interloop FSD Wolves Vs ABT Rhinos

24th December LHR Eagles Vs KHI Dolphins

25th December 1st Semi Final

25th December 2nd Semi Final

26th December Final National

It is the first time Geo UK has acquired live and exclusive cricket. Coverage will be taken from Geo’s new sports channel ‘Geo Super’, which launched in Pakistan in October.