Geo TV to launch six new shows this month

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Popular Urdu entertainment channel, Geo TV has announced the launch of six new shows starting this month.

Leading the new offerings will be ‘Geo Khelo Pakistan’, which will become a permanent fixture on Geo TV after the successful run during the month of Ramadan. ‘Geo Khelo Pakistan’ will be pitted in a 90-minute slot from Saturday 8th July between 19:30 and 22:00.

In terms of fictions, ‘Sawera’ will be the first new show launch on the channel. Its the story of a woman, who is a dedicated housewife and apple of everyone’s eye in her in-laws. It will take the Monday to Friday slot at 19:30 from Monday 3rd July.

The second new fiction to commence will be ‘Zoya Swaleha’, which is about two sisters Zoya and Saleha who were forced to live at the expense of their wicked uncle along with their mother. ‘Zoya Swaleha’ stars Syeda Madiha Imam and Adnan Jilani. It launches on Monday 3rd July in the 22:00 slot. It will air both Monday and Tuesday nights.

‘Kabhi Socha Na Tha’ will be the third new show to air from Wednesday 5th July. It will take the Wednesday and Thursday slot at 22:00.

Its about Sarah, who is a doctor by profession and works in a local hospital but she has number of negative traits in her personality. She is a doubter, bad-tempered and sarcastic at most of the times in her dealings. Despite Sarah’s grumpy nature, the two of the families were living peacefully but some serious trouble occurs when Naila’s younger sister Kainat leave her husband’s house and starts residing with them. She is also ex-fiancé of Salman and Sarah does not appreciate her presence in their house. Sarah thinks that old flames between Salman and Kainat can be spark again so she starts plotting a diabolic scheme against Kainat. Sarah’s envy doesn’t lands here, when chidren grow up, Sarah doesn’t wait her children to develop childhood emotion in adulthood.

The show stars Anum Fayyaz, Iffat Umer and Babar Ali.

The fourth new fiction will be ‘Laut Ke Chalay Aana’, which is about Zainab and Farhan, who live in one such world with their daughters but not happily ever after. Once a woman becomes a mother her priorities shifts to her children thus Zainab is no exception. After years of marital life, now she only enjoys being a mother as she is a good mother and she has forgotten that she is also a wife and has taken her marriage and Farhan for granted and Farhan is also oblivious of his part as a husband. Abeera a young, progressive and vibrant girl enters into Farhan’s life and brings back color to his mundane and colorless life, and sets the world of Zainab off balance. What would be Zainab’s fate?

‘Laut Ke Chalay Aana’ stars Noman Aijaz, Sawera, Shermeen, Minal and Areesha. It launches on Wednesday 5th July at 20:00.

The fifth new offering on the channel will be ‘Yaar-e-Bewafa’, which revolves around two different families which will connect each other with the progression of events. It stars Imran Abbas, Areej Faitma and Sarah Khan. ‘Laut Ke Chalay Aana’ will take the Thursday at 20:00 slot from 6th July.