Geo TV braces itself with four huge shows

'Mor Mahal' on Geo TV
‘Mor Mahal’ on Geo TV

Popular Pakistani entertainment channel, Geo TV has lined up four mammoth shows for this month.

'Mor Mahal' on Geo TV
‘Mor Mahal’ on Geo TV

The channel, which has been climbing up in UK ratings over the past few weeks, will be launching one of its biggest fictions ‘Mor Mahal’ in the Sunday night 20:00 slot. ‘Mor Mahal’ is all set to shatter the stereotypical projection of a King who is normally viewed as an ultimate authority, calling all the shots right from his throne. The play will change it all. In spite of being a fiction set in Mughal era, it will present to its viewers the real picture. It will bring to the TV screens the vulnerabilities of a King and how scheming womenfolk in his ��Harem�۪ can take advantage of the same and influence his judgment. It launches on Sunday 24th April.

'Shaam Dhalay' on Geo TV
‘Shaam Dhalay’ on Geo TV

To spruce up weekends further, ‘Shaam Dhalay’ will air Sunday and Monday nights at 21:00. ‘Shaam Dhalay’ is based on Alina and her family. After the sudden death of her father, Alina has to deal with a brother she never knew existed. The entrance of her brother Khizer brings a number of complications in her life. The foremost being that she, finds out that her father has left the house in the name of her brother. Initially it doesn�۪t seem like an issue but trouble arises when their sister in law; Saima, comes into the picture. The only issue Saima has with her in-laws is the closeness Alina has with her brother Adeel. But Alina has bigger things on her mind and that is taking care of her sisters and mother. Mariam and Shanzay aren�۪t settling well into life. During this difficult time, Saima shows her true colors and teams up with the family attorney (Majid) to throw the family out of their own house during Khizers absence. Mahjid in turn doesn�۪t make life any easier for Alina and her family. Being thrown into the real world, Alina stands up to every problem while still taking care of her family. Will she manage to make it through without giving into the troubles she is facing?

'Machali' on Geo TV
‘Machali’ on Geo TV

Starting on Monday 25th April in the 20:00 slot, ‘Machali’ will take the place. It has been described as a breath of fresh air when audience will meet two contrasting female protagonists Ambreen and Afsheen living under one roof as cousins. Afsheen finds her love Arham right next-door. Ambreen�۪s tomboyish behavior and outspokenness toward Arham�۪s family becomes a hurdle for the lovebirds to tie the knot. The character of Moonis played by Sami Khan enters in the story and stays with Arham�۪s family as a family friend. He brings a twist since he is a potential groom for Sureya Begam�۪s daughter Seema, but on the other hand, the male protagonist gets emotionally involved with Ambreen. Moonis�۪s love interest leaves Afsheen and Arham in a dire strait, since Sureya Begam will not accept Afsheen if Ambreen comes in between the garlands of flowers of Moonis.

'Iss Khamoshi Ka Matlab' on Geo TV
‘Iss Khamoshi Ka Matlab’ on Geo TV

‘Iss Khamoshi Ka Matlab’ has recently taken the Wednesday night 20:00 slot, which is a heart-wrenching family drama where everyone in the family has personal resentments towards other family members but never say or discuss this with the other person(s). The mother-in-law (Samina Ahmed) has strong complaints against her daughter-in-law (AtiqaOdho) while the sister-in-law (Fazila Qazi) also humiliates her. Encapsulated by this animosity, there is a blossoming love story between two cousins, however, the tragic ties of the family do not allow them to show their love to their parents. As a result, these grudges take on further turns where both of them have to bear severe pain on account of this rancor. Let�۪s see how this story will unfold further?

With the new shows, Geo TV is planning to strengthen its weekend programming band to compete with its rivals, which are much performing much stronger. During the week, shows like ‘Babul Ka Angna’, ‘Sila Aur Jannat’, ‘Heer’ and ‘Ali Ki Ammi’ have helped build Geo TV’s portfolio, taking the channel to new heights.

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