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Geo News to go free later this month for Pakistan elections
Geo News to go free later this month for Pakistan elections

Popular Pakistani broadcaster, Geo News has announced it is going free on Sky Digital later this month for 49 days to coincide with the elections in the country.

Starting from Thursday 28th March up until Wednesday 15th May, Geo News will give non-subscribers a taster of the channel’s output with its election special programming. The 49 days have been kept in mind keeping in view that after the Election Day on 11th May 2013 it would require the government to be announced at least in the next 3 to 4 days

Geo News in Pakistan is rated the highest News & Current Affairs broadcasters, with estimated 200 times higher rating in Pakistan than its closest competitor – Express News and Samaa TV.

Geo News said, “The nation, expatriates & the global audiences are tuned into the News Channels updating them on the day to day election campaigns that builds up in Pakistan. We received a huge number of calls, emails & letters from our expatriates in UK & Europe to allow them to watch the nation۪s Most Favorite۝ channel GEO News on a free view. And that we become their voice globally by increasing their participation on our screen, and we understand that Free View is a way of reaching the largest of audiences across Europe not limiting us to UK alone.”

Geo News is available on Sky Digital channel 825.