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Geo News & Geo Tez set for Sky EPG move in April

As revealed first on , Geo Network has acquired the old ARY News EPG slot on the Sky platform.

As a result of this, can exclusively reveal that the broadcaster has strategically decided to move Geo News (817) to ARY News’ EPG slot (802) hoping to win over some of the viewers from its old rival. Whether that makes any significant impact remains to be seen. Geo News will be moving a lot lower down the EPG line-up so it should benefit from that also. But one thing that will go against the move, will be the fact that the EPG has been sitting idle for over a month since ARY Network exited the UK market in January.

Cleverly, Geo Network has also decided to move its Geo Tez (816) channel to Geo News’ old EPG slot of 817, to give it an extra boost.

Industry sources have confirmed to that the changes come into effect from early April. Geo TV remains unaffected by the EPG changes.

Geo Network is selling the extra EPG slot it holds, currently the home of Geo Tez on EPG 816.