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Geo Kahani UK launch rumours surface

As revealed first on , Geo Network recently acquired one of the old ARY Network Sky EPG slots. So, with the broadcaster in possession of four Sky EPG slots – Geo TV on EPG 807, Geo Tez on EPG 816, Geo News on EPG 817 and the old ARY News slot on EPG 802. Rumours have surfaced of Geo Network bringing in a new channel from Pakistan to UK shores. had earlier reported that from first week of April, Geo News will be moving to EPG 802, Geo Tez on EPG 817 and thus EPG slot 816 will be sold off. However, in the last couple of days, rumours have been doing the rounds that Geo Network’s second entertainment channel, Geo Kahani could launch in the vacant EPG slot. Geo Kahani replaced the network’s music channel, Aag TV back in 2013.

A source close to Geo Network UK said it had not yet decided on Geo Kahani. However, only a few days ago Geo Network had ruled out plans for a new channel and said it was planning to sell the EPG slot to a non-Pakistani broadcaster. Has Geo Network made a U-turn by strengthening its offerings in the UK or are these just rumours?

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