Genelia Deshmukh’s rumoured pregnancy leaves brand owners miffed?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Genelia Deshmukh

The media is abuzz with the recent reports of Genelia Deshmukh’s second pregnancy. While neither she nor husband Riteish have confirmed the reports, it has been strongly suggested that she is indeed pregnant, but this has miffed some of the brand owners of her current endorsements.

A source told Absolute India that these brands are not happy with finding about Deshmukh’s pregnancy from the media and not from Deshmukh herself. The source said, “After marrying Riteish Deshukh and especially becoming a mother, Genelia’s acting profession almost took a back seat. The actress who although hasn’t signed any film was actively seen in advertisements. The actress was also recently signed for a baby oil brand. But the brand associates are apparently miffed with Genelia for hiding her pregnancy from them. The actress, who is currently endorsing three different brands, didn’t mention about their pregnancy to them. Like everyone the brand associates got to know about Genelia’s pregnancy from the media. Also, the brand associates of a baby product which Genelia was endorsing are planning to discontinue their contract with the actress.”

Deshmukh’s last Bollywood release was Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’ (2014).