Genelia Deshmukh open to big screen comeback

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Genelia D'Souza

Genelia Deshmukh (previously D�۪Souza) was recently rumoured to be making an on-screen comeback. She is one actress who, despite having two children, is not over her acting career yet.

Talking about the same at the launch event for Baby Dove, Deshmukh said, according to��TOI, “I’d be grateful to do a film today also. The moment I feel the script is right and I want to do it, I will be back. I am not in a hurry and I have never been in a hurry in my entire life�۝.

She added, ���Whenever there is something that excites me and is good enough, I may take it up. I have never said that I will return to work. After I got married, I wanted a break for a while as I worked very hard for 12 years and I am fine and doing enough of work on the side. I have two babies now which is a lot�۝.

Deshmukh showed how happy she was that Bollywood is now embracing actresses who are mothers, ���The thing is that it’s no more that you can’t do anything post motherhood. I just take my children to the sets with me whenever I need to visit the sets. So that’s a good thing in the industry. Women in general, can multi task so well. You never really have a problem. Today you have so many moms out there who are doing their bit�۝.

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