Geeta Guru-Murthy amongst news presenters cut in BBC News revamp

Azha Khan



Household name Geeta Guru-Murthy has been named in a list of confirmed news broadcasters who will be axed as a part of changes to the BBC News channel this spring.

The BBC announced the line-up of its chief presenters for its revamped television news service. It will see BBC’s two existing news channels merged into one entity.

Matthew Amroliwala, Christian Fraser, Yalda Hakim, Lucy Hockings, and Maryam Moshiri will be chief presenters on the BBC’s news channel – BBC News – which will be broadcast in the UK and around the world.

Guru-Murthy is amongst a number of other current newscasters who will leave. Before going on-air today, she tweeted, “Catch me whilst you can!”

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The five chief presenters announced today were recruited via a competitive interview process in accordance with BBC HR procedures.

The channel is due to launch this spring.