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Gautam Rode to make debut as film producer

Gautam Rode, who has been taking some time out of TV, has confirmed that he’s soon to move into film production.

The actor didn’t share much about his upcoming project as producer. According to Hindustan Times, he said, “We’re working on it. I hope it reaches its destination”.

Rode also revealed that he wouldn’t be starring in his own production, “If I’m producing, then I won’t act in it, and vice versa. I want to concentrate on one thing at a time for now, I might do it later. Also, I don’t want to give an impression that I’m creating content for myself and putting in my own money for it. My whole thing is to tell good stories. Now that I’m involved in the process, I really like it”.

However, he didn’t really confirm either way if his wife Pankhuri Awasthy would be seen starring in the film.

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