After giving some incredible performances on the small screen, Gautam Rode has embraced Kathak dancing for his theatre debut ‘Aarohi’.

The production directed by Salim Akhtar, will also feature Ravi Jhankal, Dhaani Jhankal and Mita Vashisht. Talking about moving to theatre, Rode was cited in DNA India saying, “There are many firsts in this one for me. Firstly, this is my debut on stage. Secondly, I’m not a dancer but I have learnt Kathak for one-and-a-half months for the play. I will be doing a two-minute Kathak solo piece, where I will be joined by the actress playing the younger Aarohi, who is a trained Kathak dancer! She’s been doing it from the age of two! So, I have to match up to her. Thirdly, the character I’m playing is new for me. He is an opportunist who considers dance to be a way for him to achieve success and fame. I age from 25 to 60 in the play, so that again, is a big challenge. So yes, I have picked up a tough one for my debut (laughs)!”

He added, “Acting is my passion but learning Kathak was tough. Whatever little dancing I have done has been for shows. But Kathak is a proper dance form and I can’t mess this up. Initially, it was difficult but today I’m slightly more comfortable with the form. I know the steps now, it’s the ease and grace I need to come across as a professional Kathak dancer.”

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