Gautam Rode files FIR against property developer

Ketna Mistry



Heartthrob and popular TV actor Gautam Rode is currently embroiled in a property development scam.

Reported on Pinkvilla, Rode and two others are said to have been duped out of Rs 8 crore towards flats being developed in the Goregaon West area, which halted in 2016 and no further work has been carried out, what would be the 14th floor.

Rode placed a complaint with Mumbai police and later filed a FIR against Atithi Patel who was the property developer in post during this time. The proposed plan was a 55-storey building in the Goregaon West area that would be completed by December 2018. With the assurances made, the ‘Saraswatichandra’ actor was asked to make a payment of RS 1.5 lakh and thereafter monthly instalments of Rs 5 lakh. Between May 2016 to May 2017 Rode made a cheque out to Patel for a sum of Rs 2.11 crore.

Details in the FIR suggest that Rode had been given a booking form and when he tried to acquire the allotment letters, Patel failed to provide this. A request for the flat to be registered was also made, but didn’t happen. Rode soon discovered no further developments had been made after the 14th floor and demanded for his money to be returned, but Patel refused to give this back.

Patel’s representative said builders don’t refund the money after cancellation, but they have told Rode to wait some more and have faith. It was also mentioned in the mail that Rode was delaying the registration of the flat. However, the representative didn’t mention anything about the status of the construction site in Goregaon.