Gauri Shinde: “I don’t want to be the greatest filmmaker”

Gauri Shinde & Alia Bhatt
Gauri Shinde & Alia Bhatt

With two successful films under her belt, Gauri Shinde definitely shows she has what it takes as a director. Her directorial debut was ‘English Vinglish’ (2012) and her latest ‘Dear Zindagi’ (2016). Both weren’t your average Bollywood film, they highlighted some social issues and help bring these to the forefront.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Shinde shares her decision for making the films and why she believes that just because a woman has made these particular types of films that they shouldn’t be considered ‘special cases’.

Asked if it was a conscious decision to make both her movies about women, Shinde replied, “No. It was subconscious, perhaps. In fact, Kiara’s character in DZ (played by Alia Bhatt) could easily have been a man as the problems she had were universal and not gender-centric. However, I thought it would be better to look at it from a woman’s point of view. It is great to write about your own gender, as you have more to tell and you feel compelled to tell stories from that perspective. Moreover, how many stories are from a woman’s point of view in the industry? No one questions when there are male-centric films every week. I want that day to come when no one questions women-centric films, and it becomes as normal as other films.”

Commenting on Bhatt’s compliment that Shinde has a good voice in the industry, she said, “It feels nice to receive a compliment. I don’t mind being that person (laughs). I am glad people feel so, as I wouldn’t want to be part of a crowd. I don’t care about anything else. I don’t care about fame and ‘where I want to be’ in terms of ambition. I don’t want to be the greatest film-maker, or compete with anyone. I have no ulterior motives in life other than films and travelling. There is no complication in my life (laughs). I hope I can keep it simple.”

In the interview, Shinde said she had not planned her next project yet and was set to go travelling before taking any other work on.

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