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Gaurav Sareen on his new release ‘Love Has No Age’

Gaurav Sareen, the former ‘Krishna Chali London’ actor will next be seen in the short film ‘Love Has No Age’ that has been directed by Shivankar Arora. Soon to be streamed on YouTube ‘Content Ka Keeda’, the project narrates a love story with a twist. The actor, who plays the role of Veer in it, shares that he enjoyed making this film that drives home a message.

“The experiences were incredibly refreshing as I got to work with some exceptionally talented people on the set. I had worked with the crew before, so the environment was very positive and comfortable,” he says.

‘Love Has No Age’ is about older woman falling head over heels with a man, younger than her. “The concept is not very common in our society yet. There is a specific section of people who have evolved enough not to think of it as an issue, but most people still struggle to accept the notion of a younger man dating an older woman. I cannot relate much to it for obvious reasons. Still, as the title suggests, I am pretty sure it would feel the same as any other relationship with an age difference our Indian society considers ‘normal’,” he adds.

Gaurav had no apprehension about working on a story like this. “It always feels good to be part of something completely new and not explored much. Besides, I strongly believe in the idea of love regardless of the age,” he says.

About collaborating with actor Maninee De and makers of the film, he adds, “It was such a great experience working with [Maninee]. She is an extremely talented actor and a beautiful person to work with, and I had a lot to learn from her. I hope to work with her again sometime soon. As far as Shivankar and Shipra are concerned, they are my very good friends, and we understand each other well. So, it eases the whole process of making a good show and delivering it to the audience.”

As an actor, Gaurav craves to work on new concepts and scripts. “Not only does it bring about new challenges, but it also helps in bringing out the versatility in the artist and make the whole experience wonderful for the audience,” explains the actor, who wants to achive greater heights in coming years.

Good looks are very important for an actor. However, Gaurav does not agree with this popular believe. “To be respected by the audience, the most important aspect is to be the best at whatever you do. Good looks don’t necessarily make you a good actor. Your hard work, talent, and passion work wonder for you,” he shares his point of view.

Compared to previous TV shows, substantial roles are also being made for male actors. Agreeing, he adds, “Earlier, TV shows focused mainly on the issues faced by the women of our country, but now, things have changed. People are now curious to learn about male perspectives too, which has encouraged the writers to write good roles for male actors.”