Gaurav Khanna on rumours of quitting ‘Anupamaa’ as Anuj Kapadia

BizAsia Correspondent



Gaurav Khanna, the popular actor who plays Anuj Kapadia in Star Plus’ top rated show ‘Anupamaa’ has reacted to reports that he is set to quit the series.

In an interview with E-Times, Khanna addressed his reduced screen time. He said, “I will just say that I am completely dedicated to Anupamaa and I have full trust in Rajan Shahi’s version of Anuj. I am fully committed to the show.”

He added, “When the character was narrated to me, I knew this character was going to be different from what audiences have been watching on TV so far. That’s why Anuj Kapadia’s role became so dear to people.”

In the latest show promo of ‘Anupamaa’, Kapadia’s character is seen lying on the hospital bed in coma.

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