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Gaurav Chopraa mourns loss of his father from coronavirus

Just days after Gaurav Chopraa lost his mother to coronavirus, the television star has confirmed the passing away of his father from the same illness.

In a number of tweets, Chopraa put the devastating news about his father. His mother breathed her last on 19th August 2020, while his father was still fighting for his life.

The actor tweeted, “Shri Swatantra Chopra My Hero. My idol. My inspiration. Will I ever manage to be a millionth of a man that he was ? Don’t think so.. The ideal man , the ideal son,the ideal brother, a man who always put family above EVERYTHING else. An ideal father..

He added, “the idealism, the strength…An ideal husband..devoted his entire existence towards making my mother better in these last four years. To the point of getting a desease trying to protect her and then leaving all of us to keep her the heavens above..”

He further stated, “She left us on the 19th and he did on the 29 th.. 10 days ..and they’re both gone.. A void , vacuum that no amount of time will ever fill… #MerePapa”