“Gauahar Khan provokes men with short-skirts” says Akil Malik

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Gauahar Khan

Akil Malik, who has done a shameful yet sensational act by slapping Gauahar Khan, on the stage of ‘India’s Raw Star’, has said that girls wearing short clothes damage the brain of youngsters and force them to commit crimes. However, the man got arrested right after the act.

According to IANS, Malik, who looks to be quite unapologetic, said that he slapped Khan to teach her a lesson. According to him, men and youngsters ought to be sexually attracted towards those women, who wear short skirts.

According to a source from the sets, “While he was being escorted out of the place, he managed to go up on stage and slapped her. The source adds, “It was chaos after the security pulled the man away. Gauahar was shocked and was crying a lot. A stunned Gauahar didn�۪t understand what happened. Though the shooting was stopped, Gauahar took a break of an hour to gather her bearings and then reported back on stage to finish the leftover one hour shoot.”

“He had been attending the shooting for a few days and said he didn’t like the clothes Gauahar was wearing. He said short skirts got him attracted to girls and damaged other youngsters’ minds as well.” the source concluded.

Celebrities from the Bollywood industry had criticized this incident and lashed out very harsh comments for Malik and for more such people, as well.