Freida Pinto: “I don’t know if India is ready for a #MeToo kind of a shake-up yet”


Freida Pinto is gearing up for the release of her next ‘Love Sonia’, which highlights human trafficking. The film is releasing at a time when the ‘MeToo’ movement has gained much deserved momentum in the USA. Speaking of the movement’s impact, Pinto says that it will not be easy to bring it to India.

To Mirror, Pinto said, “The reason the movement worked in the US is because of the collective voice. There are many women coming out and they are getting a lot of support even from journalists who have been brave to write their stories. I don’t know if India is ready for a #MeToo kind of a shake-up yet. It’s not easy, even some of these women had wanted to protect their identities and spoke up only when they knew they’d be represented accurately in the media. Here there’s still the fear of being labelled, women don’t feel safe speaking up because of the general lack of support. Hopefully that will change soon. But I must point out here that misogyny exists even in the most developed cultures, though it’s better hidden while here it’s blatant.”

‘Love Sonia’  will be releasing on 14th September.

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