Jiah Khan died in June 2013

Jiah Khan died in June
Jiah Khan died in June

The death of Jiah Khan was untimely and a shock for those in the industry and outside. The saga following her sad loss has been ongoing for her family as her mother moved Bombay High Court last week prompting a probe into her daughter’s death. BizAsia has learnt that a forensic report has ruled that Khan was in fact murdered and did not commit suicide.

Khan’s legal advisor Dinesh Tiwari has issued an official letter which states that Khan was strangled with a belt and choked to death before being hung from the ceiling to make it look as if she had taken her own life.

According to Bollywood Life, Tiwari’s letter states, “After analysing the photos and other relevant material and from the medical experts, enough evidence has now been gathered, which clearly indicate that Jiah۪s death is not a suicide as claimed by Mumbai Police. Forensic experts now deduced that a belt has been used to strangle her (Jiah) to death before she was actually hung from the ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide. The prominence of unexplained ligature marks on the neck, very visible injury marks on the body of Jiah coupled with many other pieces of evidence both material and circumstantial clearly indicate an enormous amount of foul play. We strongly feel that the Police have not been competent or have been compromised in their approach and have done a shoddy investigation in their matter for reasons best known to them”.

Khan’s mother, Rabya, and Tiwari have asked for the matter to be investigated again by the Criminal Bureau of Investigation.

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