Five inspirational quotes by Diganganga Suryavanshi to uplift your mood


Actress Digangana Suryavanshi who’s known for both Bollywood as well as South films has been a source of inspiration for many with her larger-than-life personality and the beautiful quotes she treats her fans with on her social media page, Quotes by Digangana.

The actress who’s been acting since the tender age of seven proves to have quite an interesting thought process and perception about life that can help uplift anyone’s mood instantly! Here are some statements she’s made in her interviews and on her social media.

“A human gone is gone forever, money can be minted again”
With this statement, the actress tries to say that relationships are the most valuable things in life, and that money can always be minted again.

“Stable self in the stormy days are amazing teachers”
While many of us may get overwhelmed in troubled times, Suryavanshi’s words hold true as most of the biggest life lessons are learned through stormy days. And being able to accept the problems and have the right amount of patience can surely make amazing teachers!

“How far? How fast? Well, how good? How happy?”
It’s very easy to feel lost in a world that has cutthroat competition. Suryavanshi’s statement can come as a relief to the successful people who feel unhappy despite all the success. It’s true that self-happiness is the most important!

“Eventually, a beating heart is all that matters”
When life gives you the lemons, and everything seems to fall apart, always remember that at the end of the day, all’s fine until your heart is beating just fine!

“There’s light even in the midst of doubt”
We can all agree that being in doubt or being in two minds can be strenuous! Well, as Suryavanshi says, one can find the light even in the midst of doubt! Self-reflection is a great way to free oneself from doubts.

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