Final season of ‘Little Things’ to premiere on Netflix in October

Ketna Mistry



Directors Ruchir Arun and Pranjal Dua’s popular Netflix show ‘Little Things’, has had three successful seasons and now the countdown is on for the fourth and final season, which is due to premiere next month on 15th October.

Reported on The New Indian Express, ‘Little Things’ which is a show based on the life of an everyday couple, Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar as they discover more about themselves and the complex world of relationships, careers, and aspirations. Talking about what viewers can expect from the upcoming season, Netflix said, “Over the season, we’ll see them navigate questions around commitment, health, ambition and family, and in doing so, be as honest and intimate with each other as they’ve been in the past. So take a seat and let Dhruv and Kavya take you on one last journey as they overcome the big hurdles, all while loving the ‘Little Things.'”

In a statement the makers said, “We have seen them do it all, from living together to long distance, they have showcased the most relatable side of young love to us. It is a bittersweet feeling, the finale – it was a roller coaster of emotions shooting it. Dhruv-Kavya are growing up, their love is more mature and they are making way for more adventures, more ups and downs. Mithila and Dhruv have done a great job. As the final season of ‘Little Things’ releases on Netflix, we really wish to leave the audiences with a smile on their face as we begin to say goodbye.”