The four finalists in Sahara One’s reality TV show ‘Biggest Loser Jitega’ are ready for a complete new makeover after 13 weeks of strenuous hard work.

The show, which is similar to the mainstream show ‘Fit Club’ follows the lives of a group of individuals on a mission to shed off excessive fat. The contestants have had regular training with a panel of nutritionists, trainers, psychologists, cardiologists and Suniel Shetty himself.

The final four are:

ۢ Ravindra Singh Sahni (Businessman) used to weigh 173 kgs when he entered the contest. In 13 weeks he lost 40 Kgs, he now weighs 133 kgs.

ۢ Sandeep Sachdev ( Banker) weighed 125 kgs initially and now weighs 85 kgs and has lost 40 kgs.

ۢ Natasha Grover (BPO manager) weighed 101 kgs and now weighs 70 kgs and has lost 28 kgs.

ۢ Hiren Bhawsar (DJ) weighed 135.3 kgs and now weighs 94.9 kgs and has lost 40.3 kgs.

The make-over for all the four contestant has been done by designer Vikram Phadnis and hair stylist Hakim Alim.

The programme airs on Sahara One on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.