Filmmaker Onir says his homosexuality affects his films


Onir feels his openness about his sexuality affects his films in various ways. The filmmaker revealed he was gay several years ago.

The director recently opened up about the effect of his sexuality on his films including how satellite and television channels are not willing to air his movies as they explore homosexuality.  However he is more concerned about the impact of his sexuality affecting the careers of his actors.  Getting actors to sign on to his films is problematic.  “There is always that hint of caution in them”, said Onir as reported by DNA India.  He added the media contribute to the problem by writing stories accusing him of sexually attacking his actors or linking him in a relationship with his actors.   Speaking about his lead actor Ashish Bisht in his film ‘Shab’ (2017) he added “I don’t care what you write about me. But if you write something like this about my new leading man, Ashish Bisht, you will harm his career”.

This all leads the director to believe he is being punished for being open about his sexuality.  “There are so many bigger filmmakers who are yet to come out. Nobody writes or says rubbish about them. But because I am the only openly gay filmmaker in our film industry I am vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.”

However the director is adamant that his sexuality is not a big deal to him and is part of who he is.

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