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Film & TV productions to resume in UK subject to safety measures

Film and television productions are set to re-start in the UK, months after they were shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Deadline reports that while the UK government has not been specific about the move, it is understood that the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is now encouraging the industry to return to work. The news follows Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s address on Sunday telling Brits to return to work who cannot work from home.

A DCMS spokeswoman told the publication, “The government is working closely with the screen sector to understand how different types of productions can comply with social distancing guidelines, and give confidence to people in the TV and film industries that there are safe ways in which they can return to work.”

Deadline has seen draft guidelines designed to keep sets safe from the virus with pre-shoot safety training, testing and quarantining foreign actors.

The UK has been in lockdown due to the deadly disease for seven weeks. However, this week, individuals are being encouraged to return to work.