Film Review: Sidharth Malhotra wins appreciation for ‘Mission Majnu’

Tejusvini Varadachari



‘Mission Majnu’, is an espionage drama that is set in the 70s, loosely based on a true story. An undercover agent takes on a dangerous mission to unearth a covert nuclear programme in Pakistan. The movie progresses in two parallel tracks; the struggles of a patriot as he takes on this mission, and his attempt to balance his personal life that gets tangled in the conflict.

Leading an ensemble cast, is Sidharth Malhotra along with Rashmika Mandanna, Parmeet Sethi, Sharib Hashmi, Mir Sarwar, Kumud Mishra, Zakir Hussain and Rajit Kapur. Directed by Shantanu Bagchi, the movie is garnering mixed reviews.

India Today
“This is no Shershaah, but Sidharth, Rashmika’s mission to entertain is a success”

Tushar Joshi
“‘Mission Majnu’s’ best moments come when the film does what it’s meant to do- narrate an edge of the seat story of how India managed to fool Pakistan on its own soil and pour water over their plans to be a nuclear power. When the story strays from this and breaks into unnecessary songs or peripheral characters that have very little to do, you feel frustrated.”
Times of India – “This is a watchable and engaging spy thriller”

Dhaval Roy
“Sidharth performs well as Tariq and Amandeep, especially in intense scenes. However, he is not entirely convincing in the comic parts. Rashmika Mandanna looks the part of Nasreen, and her acting is passable. Among the supporting cast, Kumud Mishra shines. Much to be written about his acting chops and track, but it would necessitate giving spoilers. Sharib Hashmi also gives a noteworthy performance as Amandeep’s partner. ‘Mission Majnu’ is about Amandeep’s wit, ingenuity, and patriotism despite being mistreated, but there’s ample action too, which Sidharth pulls off well.”

“Lively Performance By Sidharth Malhotra Helps Espionage Drama Spring To Life”.

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‘Mission Majnu’ is about Amandeep’s wit, ingenuity, and patriotism despite being mistreated, but there’s ample action too, which Sidharth pulls off well.

Saibal Chatterjee
“’Mission Majnu’ does not deliver a thrill a minute nor does it produce any exceptional degree of tension and suspense. Yet, parts of the film, especially in the second hour, do spring to life. This is in part due to the lively performances from Malhotra, Hashmi, Kumud Mishra and Zakir Hussain.”

The Hindu
“Siddharth Malhotra cannot be undercover in this formulaic mission”.

Anuj Kumar
“One could sense that the writing is not bad on paper. There are interesting twists in the way Tariq ekes out information and how Nasreen could sense the truth by touch, but the execution makes it a tad too cloying for a thriller. Thankfully, the film is not overtly jingoistic and makes a clear distinction in the way Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai handled the tenuous relationship with Pakistan in the 1970s. At the same time, the writers place characters on both sides of the border who could see history beyond the divisive version that the politicians often present.”