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Father’s Day 2021: Musical father-son duos

With many celebrities in Bollywood in the current generation coming from an obvious and talented lineage, it’s always interesting to see how an offspring of a celebrity not only shines in their glory but manages to carve their own niche, having got their foot in the door easier than most., this year, is looking at father who are musically legends – so to speak – in their respective areas and their sons who have somewhat followed in their footsteps.

Daboo Malik & Armaan/Amaal
When one thinks of either Amaal or Armaan Malik, it would be wrong to say one doesn’t immediately think of the songs they’ve sung and composed. They’ve definitely followed their father Daboo Malik into the industry. Daboo composed for a number of well-known soundtracks, making himself known as a talent and his sons have their award-winning tracks to be proud of.

Javed Akhtar & Farhan
Who can deny that Javed Akhtar’s words have been a part of some of the most iconic films and his dialogues are some of the most memorable. His work as a lyricist is also pretty extraordinary and the multi-talented man gave way to both his son Farhan and his daughter Zoya in the industry. Farhan is definitely what one would define as inherited a lot of the talent his father has, being a great director, musician, dialogue writer, etc. However, as far as the music side of things go, he’s even launched an independent album in English which absolutely marked his own niche.

Shankar Mahadevan & Siddharth
Shankar Mahadevan is one of the most talented and looked up to musicians today and not just for his work as trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. His voice and his compositions are pretty up there when it comes to a solid talent and his son Siddharth has also made his own in the industry. He’s a composer and a playback singer – pretty much the same as his father and he’s known for some great, award-winning music.

Udit Narayan & Aditya
Perhaps one of the most well-known duos as father-son are Udit Narayan and son Aditya. Recently, one has been able to see their chemistry on the stage of ‘Indian Idol 12’ where the former was a guest and latter is a host. Aditya has managed to make his own career from playback singing and acting to hosting and sometimes even comedy. He seems to be a bit of an all rounder. No doubt the talent here is from the lineage of his father who many will swear by as the voice of 90s Bollywood and beyond.

Kishore Kumar & Amit
Kishore Kumar is a legend that so many look upto, even though he’s no longer with us, and his son Amit has done a lot to keep his memory alive, always sharing anecdotes on shows and the like. Kishore Kumar was famously known as the voice of Rajesh Khanna but this soon expanded with the talent he showed and the style he sang in. His songs are evergreen and Amit Kumar has done a fantastic job in keeping the music in his family going. would like to wish all the fathers out there a very happy Father’s Day and a special thought to those looking down from above, who will always be in our hearts and memories.