Farhan Akhtar’s album to be produced by James Sanger

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor



Farhan Akhtar is definitely a multi talented star, having conquered the film business with acting, directed and singing. However it seems, he is now well underway of conquering the music industry too. News has it, that Akhtar has teamed up with international music producer James Sanger.

Responsible for producing big names such as Madonna, U2, KD Lang and Belinda Carlisle to name a few, Akthar is working with Sanger for his new album. “The album could take weeks, even months to come out. The songs are written and the basic composition is done. Now, it’s about getting into the studio. I’m collaborating with James Sanger, a France-based British producer, who is currently in India, and working closely with me on the four songs about personal experiences which we have shortlisted for the EP (Extended Play),” Pune Mirror reports Akhtar stating.

With a career spanning over 25 years which include 2 Brit awards, 18 Grammys and two Ivor Novelto awards, and having record reach platinum status, Sanger is one music man everyone want’s to work with. The merge of Sanger and Akhtar in the album will be an have an interesting vibe, as the film/music maker went on to add,”It retains the spirit of the genre but in terms of sound, I’m hoping to achieve something which is like the sound of today and also what will be heard tomorrow with James, who has his ear to the ground, and knows what people enjoy listening to. His feedback was very genuine during our few listening sessions when we chose the four songs.”

This will be the first time Akhtar will be singing all in English. Talking about the transition from Hindi to English, he expressed, “Well, because the language is different, the syntax will be different too. But the amazing thing about music is that language is never a barrier. Even if we don’t understand the words, if we can connect with the emotions of the lyricist and the singer, the music will resonate with us.”

Still working on the album, Akhtar and Sanger are still in the initial stages of trying to work out the best way to release the album, however it seems they are taking things one step at a time. “We’re working on a strategy on how to release the music, but right now, it’s important to get the four songs up to a place where we are happy to release them,” Akhtar expressed.

Well it sure sounds like a hit project, and with all the different genre of music being loved around the globe, it seems this one will be something for all to enjoy.