Farah Khan’s tribute to Ashok Mehta

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Farah Khan pays tribute to Ashok Mehta
Farah Khan pays tribute to Ashok Mehta

When film critic Khalid Mohamed approached Farah Khan to get involved in the documentary he was planning on film-maker Ashok Mehta, she had no idea how engrossed she would get in the project. Though the documentary has remained unfinished, due to Mehta’s sudden death on 15th August, 2012, Khan is determined to complete it.

Bollywood Hungama��reported the director stating how as she was a close friend of Mehta, Mohamed asked her to interview him. A encounter that was only tended to happen once with Khan and Mehta turned into many more meetings. “After that one meeting I found myself going back to Ashok many times again for the documentary. The more I met him the more I realized how much Ashok had achieved as a professional . I was hooked. I think meeting Ashok for Khalid’s documentary was a turning-point in my relationship with cinema.”

Though nothing has been decided as to if and how the footage will go forward to release, Khan has made it very clear that she will work with it. “”Future generations should know what Ashok Mehta was all about. I think Khalid has collected an amazing volume of facts and visuals on Ashok. Although Ashok is gone, the documentary must be completed and shown to the world.”