Hindustan Times

Farah Khan is reportedly set to move on to a new project, despite waiting to work with Shah Rukh Khan.

The Asian Age reports that Farah has been waiting a long time but SRK has unable to allocate dates to her. She is now expected to work with a younger actor in her next film.

A source told the publication, “Farah has been busy with her TV shows of late, and hence has not been disturbed with her work schedule. But once her show is over, she wants to start her film and hence has decided to look beyond Shah Rukh for the film. She had done it earlier with Tees Maar Khan, but failed because the film with Akshay Kumar flopped badly. This time she wants a younger actor in the film,” says a trade source.

Her last film ‘Happy New Year’ (2014) with SRK proved a box office dud.