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Fans get behind Priyanka Chopra’s charities on her birthday

Though Priyanka Chopra’s fan following has increased a huge deal since her career took of in the USA,  it’s her die hard fans from the start who have taken the initiative to gift the actress something thoughtful by creating a GoFund page for the charities that Chopra is a part of.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Chopra’s fans from India have created this page to raise awareness for the NGO workers of the charities. “Her fans understand her strong need of constantly shedding light on issues she feels passionately about and so on this birthday have created a GoFund page, proceeds of which will go towards NGOs Priyanka has been associated with,” a source was reported explaining.

They went on today, “Priyanka Chopra has often leveraged her stardom to highlight social causes that she strongly believes in. She has constantly tried to do her bit and has been associated with Unicef for over 10 years. As Unicef ambassador, earlier this year, she met Syrian and Rohingya refugees despite her choc-o-bloc schedule. In 2017 she visited child victims of sexual violence in  Zimbabwe, with  her strong social voice making a huge impact at the Annual General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly, where she delivered an impassioned speech on girl empowerment.”

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