Fans come out to defend Ranveer & Deepika after she ignores his hand holding

Azha Khan



Rumours about trouble between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have met with outcry by their fans on social media.

Earlier in the week, a video emerged of Singh and Padukone attending an event together, where she is seen supposedly “snubbing” Singh’s hand holding. Some have said that Padukone did not see Singh’s hand, while others have said that she clearly ignored him.

When Singh holds out his hand to Padukone, she is seen looking straight ahead and are later seen posing on the red carpet.

One fan commented, “Their body language has changed completely… I feel, they had a fight before this even (sic).”

Another said, “Days kuch toh gadbad hai..he is not liking her posts…nor she holding his hand …looks like romance ended soon (sic).”

One more commented, “She’s just trying to manage her outfit. And he’s being a gentleman about it,.”

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Further on, another said, “If they hold hands, people will say they are showing off, if they are not holding hands, people will say they are having problems. You can’t please people. They are the most genuine and generous couple.”