Sony Entertainment Television Asia is cashing in on the big trouble between distributor Yashraj Films and rival TV channels.

As earlier reported, Yashraj Films has been in a dispute with numerous TV channels including ZEE Network and STAR over Yashraj allegedly demanding payment from these and other channels for the play of music videos of their new film release Fanaa.

With ZEE Network completely banning Yashraj film promotions on all of its channels worldwide and STAR Plus giving minimum coverage to the forthcoming movie, only Sony Entertainment Television Asia, out of the big three, is supporting the movie. And that too only because of Sony’s close relationship with Yashraj (Yashraj tends to favour Sony because of an exclusive film deal, which gives Sony exclusive rights to the whole Yashraj film library).

Sony will be telecasting exclusive footage of Fanaa in the week of the film’s release. The movie, which stars Aamir Khan and Kajol, hits cinemas on Friday 26th May. The 30-minute special will include behind the scenes clips of the movie, plus interviews with the two leading stars.

Fanaa Special will be shown on Sony Entertainment Television Asia on Thursday 25th May at 20:00.