Vectone TV has been in touch with Biz Asia to clear the recent confusion of its channels.

It looks like Wednesday 8th June will be the big day for the Vectone channels to finally sort themselves out. From this day onwards, Vectone Tamil will continue broadcasting as normal. This is contrary to earlier reports suggesting the channel was closing down. Vectone Tamil will remain on EPG 832. The Sky EPG currently is showing “Vectone Music” which will be reverting back to “Vectone Tamil” from this date.

Also changing is Vectone World, the channel ceased broadcasting last week and will be replaced with Vectone Music. Vectone Music is currently transmitting music videos on Vectone World’s former EPG slot of 537. From 8th June, Vectone Music will be shifted to EPG 840 (TBC).

Also we have been told by Vectone that another EPG reshuffle is expected by 25th July, which may see Asian TV channels changing to new EPG slots. Keep it with Biz Asia and Sky Digi Online for the very latest.