Sony Entertainment Television Asia UK has finally enhanced its picture quality after years of broadcasting with a dull lens.

In the past, the channel had come under criticism by viewers who had complained about the clarity of Sony TV UK’s picture quality to Sony TV India.

Sony TV UK’s picture quality was far less superior to its rivals ZEE TV, Star Plus and Colors. However, since the beginning of this week, channel officials have told that it has upscaled its output, which will be a significant and welcoming change for avid viewers. Some parts are still being tested but the crisper look will be rolled out fully in the coming days.

Previously, Sony TV’s main output from India was of a much poorer quality to the UK inserts that included adverts, sponsorship bumpers and fillers. The whole output is now being delivered consistently henceforth.

The change will also reflect sister stations MAX and SAB TV. Viewers may not see such a drastic impact on these channels as they have been broadcasting in better mode to Sony TV before anyway.

We can also exclusively reveal that the Multi Screen Media channels – Sony TV, MAX and SAB TV will all be undergoing a facelift in September with new on-air images and logos – the biggest change in the history of the network.