EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Garry Sandhu

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Interview with Garry Sandhu
Interview with Garry Sandhu

He had lived in the Handsworth area of Birmingham for most of his time in the UK but was sent back late last year after legal issues with his immigration status. BizAsia caught up with the phenomenon that has become Garry Sandhu to find out about his recent shift back to Punjab and his forthcoming work.

You was deported back to India late last year, do you feel you have been made an example of because of your status in the music industry?

No not really.

This hasn�۪t prevented you travelling to other countries ��� you have plans to conquer America and Canada soon, tell us a bit about that?

Well, yes I�۪m working with my management on some big plans for North America and Canada and we will soon make an announcement about this. At the moment I’m just concentrating on working on my album and doing a tour in India first.

You are also doing special for your UK fans by doing webcasts?

Yes shortly. Once my website is up and running, I’m planning to do a special webcast for my UK fans. My fans are really important to me, especially in the UK and I want to show my love and appreciation for them via this webcast show. It will be something new and I want to show my fans in the UK that I am still close to them by doing a show this way.

How are plans going on the work of your debut album?

Very well. I’m busy at the moment writing lyrics and putting everything together. I want this album to be the best it can be, that’s why I’m taking my time to ensure everything is on point and perfect. There will be some new styles and some surprises too. I want to treat my fans with this new offering.

Well done on your three PTC Punjabi Music Awards ��� how does it feel to be recognized so much in such little time?

I was really happy winning these awards. I want to say a special thank you to DJ H too, for ��Sahan Tu Pyariya�۪ that won two awards. I want to thank all my fans too that voted for me, and I honestly really appreciate the love and support shown by them. To be awarded 3 awards at the PTC awards was a big big surprise, and I am going to reward everyone who voted for me, with some amazing tracks that I’m putting together in the next few months.

With Vaisakhi on the way, how do you plan to celebrate?

I’m planning to spend Vaisakhi with my family and friends in India. I don’t get much time to spend time with them as I’m always busy in the studio or at gigs, so it’s important for me to spend Vaisakhi with my loved ones.

Final message for your fans…

I want to give a big shout out to all my fans in the UK. I read every comment that they write on Facebook and I really do appreciate the love you show. Without you, I wouldn’t be living my dream of making music.


Night In / Night Out

Bhangra / Bollywood

Cricket / Football

Handsworth / Hounslow ��� (Handsworth as it’s my home town)

Indian TV dramas / Indian films

Saag / Aloo paneer

Slow songs / Fast songs

iPhone / Blackberry

Yoga / Gym

Fresh / Tohar

BizAsia wishes Garry Sandhu the best of luck with his new single with GV called ‘Brick’ and also a colloboration with H Dhami, produced by DJ Dips. Garry is also releasing a Sikh religious album soon. Keep it with BizAsia for more exclusives.