A new channel by the name of Punjjabi TV (note the use of two ‘j’s’ in Punjjabi) will be launching in April on Sky Digital, BizAsia.co.uk can exclusively reveal.

Punjjabi TV is being launched first in the UK, with footprints in other countries to follow in the subsequent months.

The UK launch coincides with the annual Sikh celebrations of Vaisakhi, which take place throughout April.

Programme details are currently being kept underwraps but what we do know is that the channel will broadcast free-to-air initially and could become a premium service depending on its popularity.

Punjjabi TV is being launched by new company World Media Connect, who are currently also handling ad sales for NDTV Imagine UK. The new channel will be available on the Sky Digital platform by the first week of April. The company has already bought an EPG slot from an existing channel.

Punjjabi TV will be only the second channel in the UK to provide infotainment to the Punjabi community, alongside ZEE Punjabi.

MATV is also set to unveil plans for its Punjabi TV channel, as well as Channel Punjab who want to return with their new offering – Virsa TV.