ARY Digital is giving the likes of ZEE and Vectone a run for their money by expanding its bouquet of channels rapidly.

The Pakistani broadcaster, which currently runs the much popular ARY Digital service along with One World and QTV will be launching its new yet unnamed channel by year-end (October).

Speaking exclusively to Biz Asia, an insider at ARY Digital said details of the channel being launched will be made available on Biz Asia first towards the latter part of April. He also commented that the channel was an existing South Asian already broadcasting succesfuly in India. He did rule out a Pakistani channel launch.

ARY Digital Network will also be launching its fourth channel The Muzik during May, delays at Sky Digital have resulted in the delay of channel’s UK launch. It has been gearing up for its launch since January.

With the launch of One World, QTV, The Muzik in May and the new channel in October, ARY Digital will boast of five channels in its UK bouquet. Currently ZEE Network runs six channels in the UK with a seventh expected before summer. Vectone TV also broadcasts eight channels with a ninth being added in April.

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